The Importance of a Good Hair Day

Nothing beats the psychological lift of knowing that you’re looking your best. Physical attractiveness is one of the basic elements of confidence and self-assuredness, which has implications for work, social life, and personal satisfaction. In most cases, this involves having a good hair day.

It may sound puerile, but hair is a socially important feature. Historically, well-kept, shiny hair was an indication of health, youth, and wealth during a time when hair care was a luxury and hair loss was common. Only the young, naturally robust or socially privileged would have nice heads of hair, so it came at a premium. Hairstyles also became a means of distinguishing between social classes, so the more elaborate the hair style, the more exclusive the group. This applied to both men and women then, and it still applies now.

In modern times, hair care is more functional, but the social implications continue to persist. People are attracted to those with healthy and vibrant hair, which is why hair products and hair-related businesses can find success anywhere in the world, from the best hair salon in Houston, to the lowliest Siberian prison guard barber shop. Fortunately, professional hair treatment and care has become much more attainable for the common folk, so now everyone can have a good hair day.

Unfortunately, modern living has also taken a toll on hair. Pollution, unhealthy diets, sedentary lifestyles, sun exposure, and the propensity to subject hair regularly to chemicals that strip them of their natural layers of protection conspire to make most days a bad hair day.

The importance of a good hair day is self-evident as anyone who has had one can attest to. It is essential that hair be given regular professional care so that it has the right cut, style, and color to bring out the best in a person and for easy maintenance. For special occasions such as weddings, which will be recorded in posterity, it is even more important to have a good hair day.

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