Packing Fragile Items for Moving or Storing

Packaging something sturdy versus something that is delicate requires very different techniques and precautions to keep the objects safe. Objects like books need little to protect them from the jostling moving van while fragile plates may easily break under the pressure of being handled too roughly. Even the most careful movers may not notice a “fragile” label on a box and not treat the moving containers with enough care. There are several actions that you can take to prevent unfortunate incidents from harming breakable objects.

One common mistake that many people make while packing is using other household objects like towels as packing materials. While blankets, towels, and other soft materials may work wonderfully for larger and less delicate items, fragile options require professional packing products.

Start with a sturdy box that will not break or become dented by the moving and storing process. Layering the bottom, sides, and eventually top of the box with thick packing material will help the fragile contents not move or break. These materials may include:

It is important to layer the heaviest items first and then place the lighter items on top. Plates, bowels, and other serving pieces should be individually wrapped in thick paper before being placed in specifically designed dish packing boxes. Unlike how they are placed horizontal on shelves, packed dishes are placed on their sides. For more delicate plates, bubble wrap should be used.

Securing the wrapping with tape is a smart way to ensure that the wrapping will stay in place. The process of moving a box into a storage unit will often jostle and rearrange the packaging inside. The best way to avoid this is by securing the insides of the box as best as possible by filling any empty space. Packing pellets work best to fill empty space and still absorb the shock of impact when the box moves.

Properly packaged and stored possessions can last for years inside of a storage unit and offer an alternative to an attic or basement where the delicate object might break. If you have delicate objects that are of personal or monetary value, consider a storage unit to protect those important belongings. A storage unit will keep them in the condition they were in when you first stored them.

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