Places to be in Milwaukee: Milwaukee RiverWalk

It’s a saying that’s about as tale as old as time, when describing yourself to attract a suitable partner: I like long walks on the beach. Maybe even in the moonlight as there is hardly anything more beautiful than the reflection of the moon against the gentle ripples of the water, looking like a thousand scattered diamonds. A romantic scene when you think about it, no? It isn’t a beach, no, but the Milwaukee RiverWalk is definitely on the right side of things about that.

The Milwaukee RiverWalk is a walkway that overlooks the Milwaukee River in downtown Wisconsin. Its quaint appearance offers for many couples to simply laze around and enjoy the sights. In fact, just walking around through the walkway is enough to inspire sweet conversation that can be quite picturesque.

Just imagine it: the distant echo of cars rushing by in streets, the soft back and forth crashing of little waves as the river rushes by, the cool breeze that comes to your skin while on the slow walk that just allows for you to take it easy. You might even forget that you’re in a city at all – and that’s just one of the great things about the RiverWalk.

Coming in for a visit to Milwaukee? Don’t miss the opportunity to catch a few stellar shots by taking a leisurely long walk along this most beautiful of sights. You won’t get a better frame than one with you and your friends or partner or family, overlooking the river while the sky turns into something that can make the northern lights eat its heart out.

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