Types of Employment Discrimination

Employment discrimination until relatively recently was accepted practice in the U.S. The most discriminated social classes were those of women and African Americans, although it was not limited to these. It was not until the Civil Rights Act and the Fair Labor Standards Act were put into place that the workplace slowly started to evolve to a semblance of equal rights across social groups. The process is far from complete, however.

Aside from gender and race, there are many other types of employment discrimination that the federal and state legislatures are continually attempting to address. These include discrimination based on age, disability, and religion. As the immigration stream into the U.S. started to pick up the pace in the latter half of the 20th century and a flood of immigrants joined the labor pool, discrimination based on national origin also became an issue. These discriminated social groups are protected under a myriad of employment laws on both the federal and state levels. Contact an immigration lawyer from William Jang, PLLC will be able to help you through the complexities of your case. Find out more here:

Employment discrimination may take many forms. The most common type across the protected classes is violations of equal pay, which continue to proliferate across the U.S. Some groups are subjected to hostile work environments perpetrated by employers, co-workers, clients, or suppliers. Still others experience minimum wage and overtime pay violations. According to the Melton & Kumler, LLP, employment discrimination can damage a worker’s life and career, and must be addressed in order to stop it in its tracks.

Discrimination in the workplace is a violation of the U.S. Constitution, specifically the Fourth, Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments, so there is a solid basis for legislation that addresses employment discrimination. However, because there are so many factors that may come into play for each and every case that comes to the attention of the court system, a multitude of laws which may be addressed by more than one venue for redress may be involved. Because of this, competent, reliable and knowledgeable legal representation should be retained for an effective employment discrimination claim.

If you have been discriminated against, you deserve justice. Contact an employment lawyer today to discuss your case more in depth.

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